About us

Just another story… About two people who decided to make their dream come true and believe they will be successful at it. They had beed gone for a long time then they moved back to their home land and brought a cat with. The big move made them a bit confused, they even tried to live in a city but it wasn’t their destiny. They couldn’t stop dreaming about BIESZCZADY…

When they decided to pack and fly across the ocean everybody thought they were crazy. But they had to see THAT house. Their hearts and thoughts were “possessed” by an old Lemko log house while they still lived “on the other side of the pond”. They filled countless hours with conversations, planes and anxiety. And finally they could see and touch their dream house. They were sure they would feel discouraged by their visit but… they couldn’t find anything that would change their minds. They subconsciously knew it was their place on earth and they had to do everything to make their dreams come true. What a crazy phase they went through – every good piece of news was fallowed by one or two negatives.  An emotional rollercoaster: doubt, fear, aversion fallowed by huge determination. And finally they made it work.

Their journey started on “Friday the 13th” as everything else in their lives. On the closing day of February 14, 2013 they were so scared of the life changing decision they were about to make, they almost run away. But they don’t give up too easily so they bought Smolnikowe Klimaty. Just like that, one would say “overnight” they became home owners as well as owners of three cats and two dogs. Their American cat Mofro hasn’t even realized he was not the only pet any more. Filonka and Czujka stayed with the house and are his cat sisters now and his dog siblings are Alta and Schnapps. That’s how The Siudaks have created their peace of heaven on earth.

It is just the first of many to come chapters of Siudak’s story. They believe its their “happily ever after” J from now on. They yet live in “a far far away land” where only good fairy tails take place ;).