Is it a museum or a real house? I am sure this question pops in your mind after seeing some pictures of our house. It almost feels like the time has stopped here in Smolnik. This village is real, charming and idyllisch. Believe us there are only a few places left in this world where silence sounds as beautifully as it does here.

          But you may still be confused. Still not sure why you would go there and stay in that house. We would like you to know it is an authentic Lemko log house built in 1905 that has been slowly renovated by its changing and owners. Thanks to previous and present owners its original character has been restored and is cultivated now. Lemko villages has always been built along river banks creating a long sequence of houses. Smolnik is just like that. While driving to Smolnikowe Klimaty you will be on a long narrow village road for a while. Don’t you worry.You haven’t gotten lost! Just keep on passing the houses until you finally see our logo. If your idea for vacation is: “peace and quiet”, you will feel like home in here.

           We offer you a choice of five stylish bedrooms (accommodating from two to five persons) all of them furnished with handmaid pine queen size beds. Each with its own bathroom. You will find a fully equipped kitchen in our house called “Izba Biesiadna”. We also provide fresh and soft cotton towels as well as hair dryers. Full breakfasts and dinners are available upon earlier reservation.

          We know, following a long narrow road that leads you to our house may be a bit confusing. But as you know there are pros and cons to everything in life. Picturesquely located house, away from traffic, is also very close to a river – OsÅ‚awa. Its “hum” will help you relax after a long hike and also soothe your senses on a hot summer day.

           After the summer comes the fall. No one can tell which season is their favorite any more. We are still seeking the feeling of warming sun rays on our skin but get marvelous and picturesque colors instead. Bieszczady are known for its autumns. Morning fog, crisp air and the colors… I can’t even find words to describe them. You just have to see how many shades of green, red and gold there are. A simple walk can be quite an adventure for your body and soul.

             Let someone else “enjoy” windy days and sleek jammed city highways in the winter. Come here and see how big icicles get and how great low temperatures may feel. Log houses are very warm and filled with a great smell of wood. It is up to you if you decide to go for a walk or stay inside and enjoy the fire. There is something for skiers and snowboarders here, too. You are only a 30 minute drive away from slopes. A scenic road will take you there.

          Although it is over a 100 years old house we are closer to civilization that you may think. We do not have TVs here but we are constantly connected to the “outside” world by Internet. We provide Wi-Fi connection to all of our Guests.